Venice, mapped.

Explore Venice differently.

The “traghetto” – a gondola ferry-boat service on the Grand Canal. Shortcuts for walking in Venice.

Apart from vaporetto waterbus service, Venice offers a way for pedestrians to cut through some walking by using the traghetto special gondolas that cross the Grand Canal at specific points. The service is much used by locals and commuters who either work or study in Venice to shorten their commuting routes. The traghetto gondola boats are specially fitted to accommodate standing passengers – no seats! You don’t need them, because it takes just a few minutes for the gondola to cross the Grand Canal. The boat has two rowers, who also stand as when rowing – one rows at the bow and the other one rows at the stern – the passengers stand in the space in between the two rowers. Upon boarding the gondola, you pay the ticket to the rower who will help you getting on board. As you get on board, you have to walk to the bottom of the gondola and then turn 180 degrees so that you are facing the bow of the gondola and stay standing – no seating. To keep your balance, walk along the main axis of the boat keeping your feet well apart. This is the cheapest way to experience a gondola trip in Venice! To find the “traghetto” crossing points, look at the TRAGHETTO GONDOLA layer in VAPORETTO Lines 1 through 5.2 maps  and VAPORETTO Lines 6 through 10 map . All the crossing points are shown in purple (they are all located along the Grand Canal). Enjoy! (Info: APT Venezia Tel. 041.5298711 )

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