Venice, mapped.

Explore Venice differently.

Checking on the ‘acqua alta’ floodings. There’s an app for that.

Fall is about to end and winter is coming. As you probably know, during this period Venice is subject to flooding, the so-called acqua alta (high water). This usually happens during rainy days, when the wind is blowing inland from the sea and the tide is rising. On acqua alta days, vast portions of Venice get flooded as water pours in from canals and the lagoon, as the tide rises. Venice starts flooding when the water level raises above 80 cm from the mean sea level. On those days, raised gangways are placed along the main pedestrian traffic routes. Locals and commuters don fishing boots and tourists use plastic bags as a makeshift protection. There’s an app available for smartphones from which you can check if, when, and where a flooding condition is expected to happen in Venice:


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