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Churches of Venice and Curiosities – Updated Map

We have added some items to our map with basic info on Venice churches and other places of interest, including some places on the Giudecca island.

Key to the placeholders: church with description (orange), church yet to be described (blue), curiosity (green), museum-place of interest (yellow).


Names of the Palaces of the Grand Canal in Venice. A Tagged Map

While riding the vaporetto water-bus along the Canal Grande, Venice’s Grand Canal, have you ever wondered what the names of those marvelous palaces are?

We provide two maps of the palaces of the Grand Canal in Bing maps. The two maps show the West bank and the East bank of the Grand Canal, respectively: Palaces of the Grand Canal 1 – West Bank    Palaces of the Grand Canal 2 – East Bank. Zoom in until you can see the front of the palaces (from the waterfront).

Also, a map with the names of the palaces on the Grand Canal   in Bing Maps  for both banks

Most Venetian palace names begin with the word Ca’ which simply means “house” or casa, in Italian, which is shortened into ca’  and followed by the name of the original owners of the homestead – e.g. Ca’ Marcello would be the ancestral dwelling of the Marcello family.

Further reading

If you are interested in discovering curious stories  about the Grand Canal and its beautiful palaces, we recommend this book:

Alberto Toso Fei’s The Secrets of the Grand Canal

which provides little-known, interesting stories and legends on many of the most remarkable palaces and places along Venice’s Grand Canal, on the people who built them and called them home. Concise but well-documented. Also provides a map of the Grand Canal with reference.


If you are interested in curious itineraries and good eat-outs to explore when in Venice, we highly recommend

The secret Venice of Corto Maltese by Lele Vianello and Guido Fuga:

Following the imaginary footsteps of the world-renown comics character Corto Maltese, and the real likes and promenades of his creator, Hugo Pratt, this book suggests seven itineraries, seven doors  that provide access to some of the most intimate places, venues, and eateries in Venice.  The itineraries are pivoted on good places where you can eat true Venetian food and the text is interspersed with historical and literary information, providing anecdotes about curious artifacts, ancient relics from Venice distant past that have survived to this day and have an interesting story to tell, and which you would never imagine existed unless you are a local.

Churches of Venice – A Tagged Map

We are building a tagged map showing the location of (almost) all the churches in Venice, with some basic information on what to see and how-when it is possible to access them.

While doing some research on the subject, we have stumbled onto this great web site, The Churches of Venice that provides concise but interesting information on the churches.


Venice oldest churches – A tagged map

According to Andrea Dandolo (c. 14), the oldest churches in Venice were built by Saint Magnus, bishop of Oderzo, after a series of dreams he had that told him where and when to build. Here is a map showing the locations of the sites where the original churches were built; they still stand there, even though the original buildings are long gone.

Also, a tagged map showing the location of (almost) all the churches in Venice, with some basic information on what to see and how-when it is possible to access them.

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