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Names of the Palaces of the Grand Canal in Venice. A Tagged Map. Updates

We have added information to the tags of Ca’ Giustinian [Biennale] and Palazzo Giustinian [near Ca’ Foscari].

While riding the vaporetto water-bus along the Canal Grande, Venice’s Grand Canal, have you ever wondered what the names of those marvelous palaces are?

We provide two maps of the palaces of the Grand Canal in Bing maps. The two maps show the West bank and the East bank of the Grand Canal, respectively: Palaces of the Grand Canal 1 – West Bank    Palaces of the Grand Canal 2 – East Bank. Zoom in until you can see the front of the palaces (from the waterfront).

Also, a map with the names of the palaces on the Grand Canal   in Bing Maps  for both banks

Most Venetian palace names begin with the word Ca’ which simply means “house” or casa, in Italian, which is shortened into ca’  and followed by the name of the original owners of the homestead – e.g. Ca’ Marcello would be the ancestral dwelling of the Marcello family.

Churches of Venice and Curiosities – Updated Map

We have added some items to our map with basic info on Venice churches and other places of interest, including some places on the Giudecca island.

Key to the placeholders: church with description (orange), church yet to be described (blue), curiosity (green), museum-place of interest (yellow).


Visit to Venice Gardens – A Tagged Map

Here is a map showing gardens in Venice palaces that can be visited; before going, always check with the people who run the place to make sure you are allowed in. The essence of exploring Venice is getting far from the madding crowd, and looking for gardens can turn out to be an interesting experience, very different from the ordinary visit to the tourist-crowded spots of the city. Enjoy!

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