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Venice Vaporetto/Waterbus Stops

We have completed the mapping of Venice’s vaporetto waterbus lines. The lines are split into three separate maps (due to Google Maps’ limitations – sorry!). Here they are:

VAPORETTO LINES 1 through 5.2 which covers the main vaporetto lines in Venice and beyond;

VAPORETTO LINES 6 through 11 which covers vaporetto lines linking Venice to other islands of the lagoon;

VAPORETTO LINES 12 through 22 which covers more “exotic” lines, connecting the mainland to Venice and other islands of Venice’s lagoon.

Venice on Foot – Reaching Venice’s Main Attractions Quickly.

Unless you have a boat,  the quickest mean of transport in Venice is your own feet. Here is a suggested tagged map with shortcut routes that take you to Venice’s main attractions in about 30 minutes, by-passing the tourist-crowded Strada Nova. The trick is using the traghetto, the public service gondola that crosses the Canal Grande for a small fee, which shortens your walking time from the railway station Venezia  Santa Lucia  to the heart of the city.  In this instance, we used the San Toma’ traghetto. Along the proposed itinerary you’ll find interesting spots and shops and walk shoulder to shoulder with locals and daily commuters, as the shortcut is mostly used by them. The suggested paths take you to some of Venice’s main attractions, including St.Mark’s Square and Basilica, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi, Ponte di Rialto, Frari, Salute… enjoy!

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