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Shopping in Venice – Food and Curiosities – A Tagged Map.

Here is our tagged map with a list of shops, stores, craft shops etc. to try out when in Venice. We have not tried them all out yet, so if you do, let us know what you found in the comments!

Further reading

If you are interested in curious itineraries and good eat-outs to explore when in Venice, we highly recommend

The secret Venice of Corto Maltese by Lele Vianello and Guido Fuga:

Following the imaginary footsteps of the world-renown comics character Corto Maltese, and the real likes and promenades of his creator, Hugo Pratt, this book suggests seven itineraries, seven doors  that provide access to some of the most intimate places, venues, and eateries in Venice.  The itineraries are pivoted on good places where you can eat true Venetian food and the text is interspersed with historical and literary information, providing anecdotes about curious artifacts, ancient relics from Venice distant past that have survived to this day and have an interesting story to tell, and which you would never imagine existed unless you are a local.

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